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MSpace Limited is committed to deliver world-class Consulting, Implementation and Technology Outsourcing services including Project Management, Administrative Services, Market Research, Payroll Processing and other similar online consultancy and outsourcing services. The company facilitates clients to utilize the available resources, so that the client-organizations achieve and maintain a position of leadership in their industry and remain up-to-date on the latest business tools and resources.


MSL’s services stand on the values of People-Power, Single Global Network, Client Value Creation, Integrity and Respect for the Individual. The “go-getter” of team MSL plays a crucial role is providing solution for any critical issue raised by client. MSL has been appointing, training and retaining the best talent to enable clients become high-performance business units. With focus on creating long-standing relationship with clients, MSL has been responsive and relevant to client’s needs by creating & delivering value, consistently. Commitment to client benefit is the culture that MSL. Hence, the company has always leveraged on its power of learning, relationships building, collaborating and global insight to deliver noteworthy service to clients across any global location. At the organization level, integrity is the core. The company has been valuing diversity and has fostered an open and all inclusive work environment, wherein each individual is treated in a way, which will reflect the core values of MSL.


While making client’s business operations smarter, faster and cheaper, MSL focuses on cost savings with efficiency gains, right mix of onshore & offshore resources and seamless integration of facilities to maintain its unprecedented global reach. MSpace Limited supports clients’ business operations through Online Consultancy Service. The extensive experience and global capabilities makes MSL a leader in Project Management, Administrative Services, Market Research, and Payroll Processing.




Leveraging on its deep industry and outsourcing knowledge, MSL delivers critical online outsourcing solution services leading to progressive economic & operational performance. The company is known for its out-of-the-box, yet proven and professional, approach to deliver solution, which utilize the key elements of Strategies, Processes and Technologies.