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Project Management

MSpace Limited (MSL) is an established name for global outsourcing of Consulting, Implementation and Outsourcing services. The company nurtures expertise in Project Management Services to meet the success requirements for constructed facilities. MSL’s project management team is manned with qualified professionals with enriching experience from diverse backgrounds. Access to international talent pool enables MSL to meet the increasing demand of global clients. Owing to its project management capabilities, the company has been performing as a partner of choice for many multinational companies across different industries for managing complex primary projects. Critical projects involving hard-to-reach audiences, multi-country tracking and multi-methodology projects are managed effortlessly by team MSL. The following outlines some of the functions MSL provides to clients, which are custom-designed for each client’s needs.



The project management experts at MSL deliver flexible yet extremely bespoke project planning service, which are based on a proven module for delivery. Working along with clients, MSL has adopted a “value-driven approach” that defines and articulates project objectives prior to identifying the means to deliver. Irrespective of the complexity of the project, MSL makes use of refined systems & project planning processes that will ensure control and transparency in the process from very initial to completion. For every decision MSL makes on behalf of its clients, the company challenges its status quo and works more ardently to find the best and most cost effective solution. The company offers a full spectrum of project planning service that optimizes the client’s participation by providing professional representation in the project planning process. This includes:


  • Review of design & specifications for conformity with client’s requirements
  • Preparation or review of project program, budget, cash flow and bid documents, in accordance with client’s project objectives & performance requirements
  • Providing advice / guidance, as required, on bid & contract specifications, JCT (or TTIA local equivalent) / FIDIC, as the typical contract format
  • Bid evaluation & recommendations
  • Monitoring & reporting on project status
  • Support for issue resolution
  • Resource coordination


The project planning services offered assist the client with his responsibility for design evaluation and approval and ongoing monitoring of performance, all of which are critical for successful delivery to result expectations.





MSL goals not only on delivering service quality but also variety that the client would expect from its in-house team. Effective time management, quality consistency & assurance of the same, vendor coordination and a host of other project execution inclusion is taken care by MSL team to maintain its smooth and efficient project execution. MSL facilitates the successful execution through expert coordination and control of involved operations and focuses on implementation of efficient systems for best communications and conflict resolution. The project execution service rendered by MSL involves:


  • Integration Management: Leads to effective coordination of project elements & participants.

  • Scope Management: This ensures that all the work required and only the required work is included.

  • Progress Monitoring: The progress is monitored and the performances are measured for compliance with plans & schedules and to allow analysis and mitigation of potential risks.

  • Payment Certification: To ensure that all payments are made are in-line with contractual obligations & the same is made only for actually work done.

  • Quality Control: Stringent QC maintains adherence to standards (materials, equipment, and HSE) and functional requirements.

  • Communications Management: Best modes of communication are used for effective internal & external communications.

  • Change Management: The requests for changes (impact on project scope, quality, cost or time) are meticulously evaluated and implementation change requests are judiciously done.


MySpace Limited assigns best manpower for project management engagements for flawless planning and execution including status monitoring, performance measurement and quality control. Further, the other involved processes such as evaluation, planning, scheduling and reporting are supervised by competent project managers for successful completion of engagement and customer delight.