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Administrative Outsourcing

MSL can provide Administrative Outsourcing Services to meet a wide range of businessrequirements.
The following outlines some of the functions we currently provide to clients – we can customize our services for each client’s needs.


Clearing Trays
Departmental and facsimile trays at specifiedtimes during the day as well as on adhoc basis.

Maintenance of stock records for Pantries, Kitchens, Toilets, as well as printer, facsimile, and copier supplies. Replenishment, ordering and receiving of supply items.

Mail Handling
Sorting all incoming and outgoing mail including mail collected from P.O. Boxes. Sorting and franking local and international mail.


Shredding work papers and other documents. Storage of work papers in accordance with client’s record management system. Maintaining shredding and storage areas. Assistance for such areas as copying, filing, sorting, and microfilming.


Miscellaneous internal tasks such as moving of furniture and or office equipment and external tasks, such as collections, deliveries or bill payments, which can be transacted within walking distance of the office location.




Document Delivery
Inter branch and external deliveries of mail and other documents (including confidential documents). Scheduled and urgentunscheduled deliveries.

Post Office

Delivery to and collection from the Post Office of regular and registered mail.

Legal Transactions and Bills

Payment of company bills and bills for designated company personnel. Legal transactions include withholding and other
taxes, National Insurance, stamp duty, register companies, register deeds, search clerk etc.

Personnel Transport

Transport of company personnel to business meetings and to their homes (in the event of illness or other emergency). Meeting company visitors at the airport and transporting them to and from their hotels. Errands for company executives.

We have a dedicated project manager for our Administrative Outsourcing Services and we also provide an on-site Supervisor who is focused on quality assurance and client liaison.

We appreciate that the quality of the personnel that we provide is a key factor for successful outsourcing. We maintain rigorous recruitment standards, provide appropriate training, and consistently pay for performance to assure our clients of high quality personnel. For example, all our couriers are over 25 and are required to successfully complete HSE certified defensive driving training prior to being placed at a client.