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Market Research

MSpace Limited (MSL) is a full-service market research firm, delivering world-class business solution services that make positive impact on client’s core competencies. The company brings forward its years of experience and expertise in business consulting, global outsourcing and market research services delivered to global clients. The company has experts in marketing, research and communication with hardcore business experience and research talent. It has assisted many clients make superior business decisions by providing them with actionable intelligence and delivers market research services covering all aspects Research Design, Data Collection and Information Analysis. MSL provides world-class market research solution that enhances the quality of client’s output, turnaround time and also provides cost efficiencies.




MSL delivers customer-focused market research solutions to address complicated concerns of business and support brand growth for clients worldwide. There is never “off-the-shelf” solution when for any research engagement. Be it an extensive multi-country quantitative study or small group qualitative assessment, MSL will design the most effective research approach to deliver the best business-building insights. MS makes use of advanced research design techniques to provide customized market research services covering:


  • Business to Consumers: The B2C researches are directed to mass-market customers who buy client’s products or use their services directly.

  • Business to Business: These are B2B research designs aimed at business customers who buy client’s products or services for further business process consumption/utilization/selling. MSL can also conduct survey on suppliers who provide you products or services.


MSL’s market research engagement can be qualitative or quantitative research. The company custom designs its research instruments or can use prior survey instruments, as required, to achieve best performance standards. The research design team at MSL works with clients directly to determine the target group and also the sample set. The research design approach emphasizes the business objectives, to be achieved.





MSL makes use of all feasible online & off-line sources for data collection. The data collection process is planned & executed with attention to every detail so as to attain accurate & maximum data collection. MSL maintains the facilities to use a variety of methods for data collection. The method selected will be the most appropriate for the research design in use. The methods used include:


  • One-One Interviews
  • One-Many Interviews
  • Focus Groups


The data collection process at MSL is an extensive process that ensures highest level of accuracy and transparency. The process includes Localizing and translating the final questionnaire; Survey programming & hosting; Sample acquisition; Managing fieldwork with survey fulfillment & quota achievement; Reporting data / survey results in a relevant format; etc. MSL makes use of in-depth one to one interviews and focus groups for Qualitative research. The candid discussions of the “hows” and “whys” are derived and the outcomes are critical to gain a better understanding of markets, consumers, consumer-perceptions and the motivation behind. On the other side, Quantitative researches based on objective measurements are well managed through structured questionnaires, which are successfully administered through telephonic and email surveys.





Accurate Information is the most valuable input, which can provide any business establishment an upper hand in developing, marketing and presenting new products or services to target market. Hence, the need of expertise in information analysis is imperative. The foremost intention of conducting a market research is to gain information. Market-research units that can not only gather data but also analyze & infer valuable information from that data – are the best bet.


MSL is one such successful market research company. It nurtures expertise in understanding client’s business objectives and it takes the time, with each engagement, to assure that it understands the business context as well. The analysis of the data collected is aided by the broad array of analytical tools and techniques at MSL’s disposal. The analysis process involves Quality of Data Audit, Data Cleaning, Analysis of Extreme Observations, Analysis of Missing Observations, Analysis of Homogeneity and other involved processes. The information analysis team makes use of the most appropriate analytical tools and techniques as per the research engagement.


MSL offers comprehensive market research services for small, medium and large business establishments across world-markets. The thorough research, data collection and accurate data analysis services it offers, allows client-company to make progressive business decisions based on hard facts gathered by our professionals.