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Administrative Services

The administration department of any sized organization forms the backbone. It’s the role of this department to ensure the smooth execution of all operations and deliver efficiencies through best practice. However, with collective experience of years, MSpace Limited is a pro-active administrative service provider offering virtual admin services to clients across the world. With its experience of working with clients across many industries the company has handles several work challenges. Managing administrative work for diverse demanding clients inspires Team MSL to deliver the most efficient and hassle-free administrative solution to its clients. People at MSL are trained to think ahead, anticipate futuristic needs, and anticipate potential issues and further plan for solutions for the same. MSL experience in Administrative Outsourcing Services and the extensive geographical footprint positions the company as a leading service provider and a partner of choice for numerous clients. The following outlines some of the Administrative Outsourcing Services MSL is currently providing to clients. These services are highly customized to suffice client’s specific requirements.


  • Clearing Trays: Best in class clearing tray service, wherein the Departmental and facsimile trays are cleared as per schedule at specified times during the day and also on adhoc basis.

  • Inventory: Maintenance of stock records for Kitchens, Pantries, and Toilets etc. Inventory for printer, facsimile, and copier supplies are also managed by replenishment, ordering and receiving of supply items.

  • Mail Handling: Sorting all incoming and outgoing mail including mail collected from P.O. Boxes. Sorting and franking local and international mail.

  • Clerical Service: Includes shredding or storage of work papers as per client’s record management system. The service also includes maintaining shredding and storage areas and assistance like copying, sorting, filing, and microfilming for those areas.

  • Errands: Several miscellaneous internal tasks like furniture arrangement, shifting of office equipment and other external tasks, like deliveries or bill payments, collections etc., that can be done within walking distance of the office location is taken care.

  • Document Delivery: Inter branch and external deliveries of mail and other official documents are taken care off. Highly confidential documents are handles with caution. Scheduled and urgent unscheduled deliveries are handles with great ease.

  • Post Office: Delivery / collection to & from the Post Office of regular and registered mail are done.

  • Legal Transactions and Bills: Payment of company bills and bills for designated company personnel are managed by MSL. Several legal transactions including withholding and other taxes, National Insurance, stamp duty, register companies, register deeds, search clerk etc. are taken care with expertise.

  • Personnel Transport: MSL offers service to manage transport of company personnel for business meetings and to their homes (in emergency). Meeting company visitors at the airport and transporting them to and from their hotels and other such similar support is delivered by MSL.

  • Errands for company executives: MSL has appointed dedicated project managers for client’s Administrative Outsourcing needs and also provides an on-site Supervisor for quality assurance and client liaison. The professionals appointed are well trained and experienced. MSL maintains stringent recruitment standards, modern training modules, and competent pay for performance to assure that its clients can avail best personnel & services.


Administrative service is one of MSL’s core competencies. These end-to-end services allow clients to focus on building their business. Team MSL understands the value of time, money and effort invested by client and ensures customer delight.