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Payroll Processing

Payroll management and processing is time consuming task, which can drift-away efforts from other important functionality of the business establishments. Not to mention all payroll functions including tax filings and compliance issues for employees in various states can be time consuming & hectic. It is imperative that a faster, easier and smart payroll system improves processes, unlocks insights, meets compliance and drives toward better process management and data handling. MSL is a global outsourcing company that nurtures years of expertise in smart payroll services. MSL competently handles Standard & Extended Payroll outsourcing services and has been catering to clients across diverse industries & organization size.




MSL delivers fortnightly & monthly payroll processing aimed at minimizing the resource cost associated with client’s establishment and continual maintenance of employee payroll system. The standard payroll service comprises:


  • Easy Setup: The payroll experts from MSL assist in easy setup of the systems. Team MSL holds valuable experience in payroll processing and understands client’s requirements precisely. Information required to completely and accurately process client’s payroll is meticulously derived and managed. MSL understands that every client has unique requirement, hence it customizes the system to meet client-specific processing and reporting needs adequately.

  • Flexibility: Payroll service from MSL ensures flexibility in submission of work hours, new employee additions, employee terminations and compensation changes. Client’s team can share relevant information with MLS payroll outsourcing team via fax, email, etc. MSL will provide the templates (Microsoft Word or Excel) or paper for better data representation.

  • Complete Reporting: MSL maintains complete reporting to meet statutory and business management requirements. For every payroll period MSL provides Employee Pay slips (current period and year-to-date payments with deductions – statutory and company), company payroll register with summary information for all employees paid, also any other customized reports. MSL supports payroll reporting by department. In order to maintain records MSL provides monthly and year-end reports to clients, as these are required to comply with statutory requirements. The reports can be emailed or can be also collected at MSL office.

  • World-Class Service at Affordable Rates: If analyzed, payroll service from MSL on average is lesser than the salary of any payroll clerk. Taking it ahead, MSL demonstrates commitment to customer satisfaction with no long-term contracts. It believes that in any situation, if a client is dissatisfied with MSL’s standard payroll service, be it for any reason, he can withdraw the contract with one month’s notice.




Besides the standard payroll services, MSL delivers extended payroll services that aim at meeting client’s specific & long term needs. This service offers:


  • Company Registration for statutory Payments to the National Insurance Board (NIB) and the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR). (Trinidad)

  • Employee Registration with the NIB and the BIR for withholding tax payments. (Trinidad)

  • Remittance payments of monthly statutory deductions to NIB and BIR.

  • Employee Payments of net earnings via direct deposit to employees’ bank accounts, cheque payment or pay packet.

  • Leave Reporting for payroll period & year to date management of employee absences by category, e.g.: sick, vacation, and personal time off.

  • Expense Reporting for taxable and nontaxable reimbursements to employees for expenses such as Travel, Entertainment, Housing, and Utilities.


MSL focuses on helping clients reduce the complexity and risk of running in-house payroll and ensures better accuracy with up-to-date regulatory information, tax rates and compliances. The team at MSL simplifies the payroll service with the perfect combination of experienced team, dynamic systems and customer oriented approach. Payroll experts and best-in-class technology enables MSL deliver accurate payroll processing services on time and at very affordable cost to varied clients across industry verticals.