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Service Credibility

Clients from diverse industries and global markets appreciate MSpace Limited (MSL) for its lean strategy approach, which has been developed over years and has accelerated successful delivery of Consulting, Implementation and Technology Outsourcing services. With focus on versatility, reliability and best customer benefit, MSL maintains close contact with its customers and follows a rigorous customer satisfaction programs. The credibility of services rendered is attained by stringent compliance to customer’s expectations in process enhancement, services deliverable, and cost competency. Internal statistics derived via regular interactions & feedback from customers helps MSL to analyze the performance of services. Benchmarking its own performances against competitors further enables MSL to maintain competitiveness. Customers’ involvement in quality assessment process has contributed in improving credibility and exceeding expectations in terms of service delivery, quality and cost.


Clients count on MSL’s Service Credibility because the company is:


  • Commitment to client satisfaction: MSL actions its commitment by linking the employee’s performance appraisals and merit increases to client’s observations. The work culture at MSL is client oriented.

  • Consistent in performance: MSL is committed to keep the promises that it makes. This tenet enables the company deliver extraordinarily and to maintain performance as per client’s expected standards.

  • Committed to retain best resources: MSL has build & maintained relationships by allocating the most suitable and best competent personnel for service engagement. The company does not compromise on quality of performance, cost or timeline through over commitment of resources.

  • Equitable in compensation: MSL understands that the quality of its service execution is directly dependent on the effectiveness of the allocated team. The company fully recognizes this fact by implementing recruitment practices & repayment schemes that are appropriate to attract and retain manpower who can deliver as per its service mandates. MSL hires it’s manpower with a focus on customer service orientation, competitive pay and performance.


MSL appreciates and understands that the basic prerequisite for target-oriented action is the knowledge of customers’ perception of its performance. The management of MSL ensures to continuously identify customer’s needs & expectations and further translate the same into requirements, develop solutions accordingly, implement the same and monitor for performance compliance. MSL focuses its efforts on building and maintaining sound customer relationships, which aggregates into desired service credibility.


The MSpace Limited Approach


MSpace Limited believes in making a difference to its industry rather than being a part of the crowd. The company is dedicated to assist its clients by improving client’s efficiencies and processes. As and when MSL partners with a client, it aims at bringing down the costs and increasing the productivity of client-company. Deep-seated understanding of the client’s businesses enables MSL to create core value for client-organizations through radiant performances, which take them much ahead in market than they would reach on their own. MSL works in close partnership with clients and acts as an addition to their facility As knowledgeable partners MSL provides decisive and dedicated support to its clients from diverse business environments. It focuses on constant & consistent deliverable.