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Frequently asked question about the Outsourcing Industry?
07 Apr 2015 | No Comments

Many companies have been juggling the idea of outsourcing and have researched its benefits before making the decision to contract some of their business processes to another company. In this blog we will clear up some of the frequently asked questions about outsourcing.

1.       What are the benefits of outsourcing?

· Improve company focus

· Gain access to world-class capabilities

· Accelerate re-engineering benefits

· Share risks

· Free resources for other purposes

· Make capital funds available

· Reduce and control operating costs

· Take advantage of resources not available internally

· Handle a function that is difficult to manage or out of control

2.      Does outsourcing mean going offshore?

  • Absolutely not, the outsourcing industry has grown rapidly over the last decade and it is more than likely that there are local companies to search for. Most companies outsource offshore and have little or no problems as with increasing technological advances companies can now operate from anywhere in the world.

3.      Will I have to alter my business operations?

  • Yes, to an extent. A good outsourcing company usually makes themselves very customizable to each of their clients, any alterations to the company’s operations may have to be tweaked slightly but will be altered to make operations more efficient and positive moving forward.

4.      Is the market stable?

  • Definitely, and is increasing in stability. According to statista, the industry had revenues estimated at 47 billion USD in 2000 and has peaked in 2014 to 99 Billion USD.

5.      Is outsourcing in demand because of the current recession?

  • Absolutely not, the recession has convinced a lot of companies to begin outsourcing but most companies were already heading this way. Surveys done have proven the dramatic increase in prospects for 2014 – 2015.

6.      What are the key factors to look for when choosing an outsourcer

  • Define your objectives and goals and identify the operations needed to be delegated.
  • Search for flexible organization that carry many services that are customizable to your operations
  • Conduct background checks and track records
  • Find out if your prospected vendor has a demo service

Ensure that the vendor has stringent policies to protect classified company information

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