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04 Mar 2015 | No Comments

Recruitment is known as a process which organizations use to attract and select suitable candidates for jobs within its establishment. This can be done through in-house management, human resource or recruitment agencies. Positions may become available by either employee resignation/termination or company growth or expansion. The positions are discussed by management to determine the feasibility and need of the vacant or created position and then a revision or creation of job functions is done.

Another form of recruitment that has proven to be on the rise is that of delegating /hiring services of outsourcing companies. This has been in great demand over the past few years and 40% of the largest International companies in the world have been outsourcing. Companies utilize the Outsourcing model when they believe it can save money by moving in-house activities to an organization that specializes in a given line of work. Such companies are either trying to belt-tighten or, if they are growing, want to refocus their efforts on core functions.

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