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and trying to use the cd with the raid driver on it does not work as windows recovery wants to use the A
23 May 2014 | No Comments

I deleted the raid driver from a computer I built about 4 years ago and have since given to my parents. They said that startup was taking too long and I agreed with them. It was taking way too long for windows to boot up. I started with spyware/virus scans then defrag these seemed to help some but not as much as I hoped. So I decided to try deleting some of the start up programs. The raid driver came with the MOBO and loaded in XP on start up. I only have one SATA drive and two IDE drives and was not running a raid array. The SATA hard disk is/was the C: drive with the operating system. I disabled the raid by exiting the program with the taskbar icon by the clock. That seemed to have no affect on the system so I deleted it with add/remove programs. Now XP won’t boot on the SATA drive. The Bios recognizes the SATA drive on booting up (I can see the drive on the bios screen) and then Xp logo may or may not briefly show on the screen then the computer reboots again and I get the windows screen saying there was a problem do I want to try safe mode ect. last known configuration that worked or boot normally. All those options send me into the same endless boot loop/cycle. I have tried to boot with and use windows cd recovery but windows does not recognize the drive. When I boot from the win XP cd and use the F6 function for the SCSI driver. I am told to put the driver disk in the A: drive (mine is a 3.5 floppy and wont hold the raid driver which is a 7mb file) and trying to use the cd with the raid driver on it does not work as windows recovery wants to use the A: drive for installing the driver. I have now reinstalled XP onto one of the IDE drives and at first did not see the SATA drive. Now I have installed the motherboard drivers onto the IDE drive with the newly installed XP system and XP sees the SATA drive and the files on it. But what I really want is to get the SATA drive and all its files back to booting up as before.brbrDoes anyone have recommendations on how I can get the SATA drive back to booting as the C: drive? Without having to reformat it?brbrAlso tried the seagate tools cd. It will help me install a new drive but wants to reformat it. Seagate diagnostics sees and scans the SATA drive and reports no problems.brbrSystem is:brbrWindows XP ProbrbrSoyo KT600 ULTRA MotherboardbrbrAMD XP 2200 CPUbrbr512 RAMbrbrATI ALL IN WONDER 8500 VideobrbrSeagate Sata 150Gig HDbrbrMaxtor IDE 80Gig HDbrbrMaxtor IDE 8Gig HDbrbr1 DVD ROMbrbr1 CD RWbrbrThank You in advance for all input. It is a driver for the SATA/150 and RAID capabilities on Mother Boards using the VIA chipset.brbrWhat pakaty did was to install xp on another drive that in effect became his temporary c drive and his other drive became a secondary. He was then able to access the original c drive to modify it as described.brbrNow that the solution is known there are option on how to fix it. I assume you have only 1 drive to work with. If this is the case you try the following.brbr1. Create a BARTCD start up disc. You can get info. on how to do this from the web. This disc will let you start your pc in a windows like environment without mounting your hd. You will be able to see the drive and access it as if it were a secondary drive. You should also be able to access your floppy or cd drive as well. Reboot and if that was the problem you will be good to go.brbrYou need to create some sort of start up disc and then copy the file to the correct directory. Hope this helps.

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