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Mspace Market Research Services
03 Sep 2014 | No Comments

Business Market Research Service

At MSpace Limited, we have a tendency to area unit programming tool agnostic and have specialist programmers altogether of the highest programming languages. we have a tendency to leverage our expertise to suit your distinctive programming desires, whether or not its a budget friendly or a particular language answer.
Our Cross-Tab programmers area unit certified by ConfirmIT, Dimensions (IBM-SPSS), Nebu still as ASKIA. additionally, team has expertise in Qualtrics, Sawtooth, Illume, QPro and additional. they’re qualified in victimization Java Script, ASP, and programming surveys in Flash or HTML5, and area unit adept at managing survey style to confirm the respondent is engaged.
We have the power to program advanced multi-lingual studies and questionnaires. a number of our scripting options include:


  • Save-and-return practicality
  • Data pre-population from SPSS or alternative databases
  • Table of Contents organization of multiple survey sections or elements
  • Highly custom-made  error electronic communication
  • Versioning (easy utilise of survey queries across business units however custom-made  information per business unit)
  • Rolling back of incomplete surveys
  • Scripting joint and separate selection modeling researches, on-line advertising testing, and virtual shelf testing
  • Transfer of information into our Real Time coverage Optimizer
  • Advanced quota settings
  • Ensuring specific knowledge layouts at the rear finish knowledge sets area unit utilised if applicable

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